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Deb is now offering a second Yin Yoga class on Tuesday afternoons from 4-5:15 p.m.

You now have an opportunity to practice Yin on Tuesday afternoon, or Saturday morning from 8:15-9:15 a.m.

See you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

Quigong Flow

The video clip of Quigong flow may be watched on the YFL facebook page via the website. You don’t have to belong to facebook to watch the clip. Enjoy!!!



Our new summer schedule begins today. Check the schedule page of our website for details.

This week’s practice will be emphasizing the principles of relaxing, renewing, and restoring. To prepare for this practice Deb will lead you through the salutation for the root chakra. This will establish our sense of being grounded, and will warm the muscles and joints for the restorative asana practice.

Our Sanskrit focus is Shala, which is a sanctuary for the practice of yoga, meditation, and philosophies of universal truth. We hope that YFL is your Shala of choice.

“A smile is the curve that straightens out everything.”—Hri

Today’s media selection is a short video clip of Quigong Flow led by Deb at the Mt. San Jacinto State Park summit.  Have a wonderful week!!!  SYOTM (See You On The Mat)!!!—Namaste’, Deb

6/17-6/22 PRACTICE!!!


It is a beautiful day. I have never seen this one before!!!—Maya Angelou

This week we will focus on ushering in the Summer Solstice. We will practice in the mandala formation with our mats, and honor the sun with many Sun Salutations. Physically we will place emphasis on opening the shoulders and chest.

The Sankskrit focus is SUKHA. This means creating a good space, equanimity, and overall health and well-being. You are probably more familiar with it referred to as YIN.

Our mudra for the week is the bee hand gesture: BHRAMARA-Which is a prevention to allergy causes and symptoms.

Deb’s second Chakra workshop is 6/22 from 2-4 p.m., and we will be practicing all modalities for balancing the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Our new summer schedule begins next Monday, 6/24, and it is posted on the website schedule.

Have a wonderful week, and we look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon!!!—Namaste’, Deb


YFL wishes all the dads a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! Yoga classes make a great gift for dear old dad!!!

Next week we will usher in the Summer Solstice with our unique Mandala practice. We will explore a new mudra, and much, much more!!!  Have a wonderful weekend, and as always we look forward to seeing you on the mat soon and often!!!—Namaste’, Deb



Many believe Gentle Yoga is just that–‘gentle’. It is; to a point.

In the Gentle/Therapeutic Classes at Yoga For Life, you find yourself in a light-hearted atmosphere: friendly neighbors on the mat and a yoga practice that challenges you, yet is designed to gradually build your strength, flexibility, and stability.

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses (even the most talented); Gentle/Therapeutic Yoga offers many of the poses you’ve experienced in ‘regular’ classes (plus some you won’t experience in those classes). Additionally, modifications will be included that offer a roadmap to your goals for your practice.

I have been guiding Gentle/Therapeutic Yoga Classes for 8+ years. My goal for you is that you remember your power–the things you used to accomplish with ease plus new moves for your body–while sharing the experience with like-minded individuals.

Join me each Tuesday at 12 noon, and/or Thursday at 12:30 p.m., for a 75-minute class. You will learn, you will work, you will have fun.

Leslie Salmon, E-RYT500 (Certified, Anusara School of Hatha Yoga)


Be soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a raging waterfall. Follow the stream. Have faith in its course…It will take you there.—Chinese Ch’an teacher

This is a great focus for practicing your yoga.—Namaste’, Deb


YOGA is a movement, a mission. It is a  LOVING METHODOLOGY. It is a never ending lesson in noticing your body. A full-figured, full-hearted, full-throttled frolic. A choose your own yoga adventure. THE GREATEST WORK OF MY LIFE.—Source: Curvy Yoga TM


Have a great weekend!!! On Monday I will be discussing the importance of balance, and sharing our weekly theme, and Sanskrit focus.—Namaste’, Deb