Monthly Archives: May 2015

Balance Your Classic Hatha Practice

photo-610  Greetings to all!!! This week our physical practice will aim to balance you through a blending of the Shtira (Yang), and Sukha (Yin) aspects of Yoga. Our Sanskrit focus is “Sangha”, or a community of “like-minded” practitioners. The hand gesture or mudra of the week is for facilitating detoxification of the liver and kidneys, “Apan”. Our meditation focus is living a “Life of Balance”, and the music for meditating is a selection from Ann Sweeten, A Place in the Sun. We can’t wait to see you back on the mat this week!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“Up The Wall”


Greetings from YFL!!! This week we are “Up the Wall”, as we use its resistance to enhance our power and strength within the asana practice. Our Sanskrit focus is “SUGATA”, or One who travels the mindful path of service with joy. Our mudra is the beautiful “INNER SELF”, which promotes connection to the energy of Inner Truth. Our meditation focus is “MIND FLEXIBILITY” to the wonderful music of Thierry David. We wish you a wonderful week, and a safe holiday weekend. We have a full schedule of classes this week excluding Sunday (5/24) and Monday (5/25). We will be CLOSED ON THOSE TWO DATES.

As always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

Sukha Focus



Greetings to All!!!  This is restorative week, which means that we will be focusing on the Sukha half of our asana practice. Sukha is Sanskrit for Yin, or the feminine side of our poses. This element emphasizes coolness, ease, grace, fluidity, calm, and the moon. This doesn’t mean that we abandon the other half, or Stirha, which is warmth, stability, power, and sun. We hyper-focused on that half of asana last week with our weight-bearing focus. It is still an integral part of this week’s practice, but not at the forefront of our attention. Thus, our Sanskrit focus is ‘SUKHA’,  the ease within our postures. Our Mudra focus is ‘USHAS’, or connecting to all things good. The weekly meditation mantra is: “Be still and listen to your heart”. As always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

Music Meditation: Deva and Miten: A Deeper Light (Om Kumara)

Let’s Weight!!!


Greetings!!! Yes, it is the first week of May, so that means it is time for weights!!! Come to the mat ready to sculpt, tone, and strengthen, as we incorporate weight use into our asana practice. As we work our core this week our Sanskrit focus will be the “solar plexus chakra”, or “MANIPURA” the lustrous jewel. It is the seat for self-confidence, self-identity, and will power, and is associated with the element of fire. Our mudra focus will be “KATARI”, or “Final Relaxation Pose-Savasana”. This whole body mudra promotes deep breathing, regenerates the autonomic nervous system and organ activity, and relaxes the entire body. Our meditation music is “Piano for Relaxation”—The Butterfly Waltz, and our meditation focus is “Slow down”. Have a great week, and always we can’t “weight” to see you on the mat.