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Virtual Class #12-‘Weight’ Time!!!

Greetings from YFL. Let us all pause, and take one long, deep breath. Focus on ‘Let there be peace, and let it begin with me’. I also invite you to silently or verbally chant the healing mantra, Sanskrit focus, for this week, ‘RA MA DA SA’. This mantra is a healing sound, and its vibration cuts across time and space, and brings healing. Let us practice compassion, common ground, and unifying actions. Let us embrace that ALL LIVES MATTER. We MUST, and we WILL find peaceful resolutions to the deep hurt that humankind is experiencing.  Peace to you all, AUM Shanti Shanti Shanti.—Namaste’, Deb

This week’s virtual class #12 will feature ‘Weight Time’, so grab your mat, and your hand weights for a rigorous Hatha Yoga sequence with our weights!!! Our mudra (hand gesture) is ‘Ushas’, or connecting to all things good. As stated above, our Sanskrit focus is ‘RA MA DA SA’. Once again, our contemplation or meditation focus is ‘PEACE’, AUM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Our meditation music is from Kiran Murti, ‘Divine Imagination’.

Based on the Governor Newsom’s latest press conference, he mentioned releasing phase 3 information for gym (yoga studio) reopening guidelines this week (perhaps Thursday). So, I am posturing, and ready to open on Monday, June 8th, if he gives the green light, and Riverside County has been granted regional variance approval. As always, I am hopeful, and stay tuned via this blog, and my YFL Facebook Page.

Please checkin at my website,, go to the menu bar, and click Covid19. This page will explain all the guidelines that must be followed for reopening. You MUST PRE-REGISTER for the class(es) you want to attend. Class size will limited to 8 students. Payment options are cash, check, debit/credit, or PayPal. If paying with cash, please bring exact amount, as we won’t be making change.

June 2020 Newsletter by Deb-6/1

Wed-6/3-Classic Hatha w/Weights-Deb

Fri-6/5-Gentle Yoga-Sophie


As always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“Love is not what you say, love is what you do”.—Unknown

Virtual Class #11-Yin Moon Salutation (5/27/20)

Greetings from YFL!!! It is our 11th week for virtual yoga and meditation classes, and hopefully only 1 or 2 more maximum!!!  We are hoping to re-open YFL for LIVE classes the week of 6/1, or 6/8!!! Please access our new class policies with reference to Covid19 via our website. Just click Covid19 on the menu bar, and all the info that you need will be available.

This week’s practice will feature a moving Moon Flow Yin class. Our mudra (hand gesture) will provide order, and a strong ‘inner structure’. It is called the ‘Aditi’ mudra. Our Sanskrit focus is ‘Bhakti’, or one’s ‘path of devotion’. The meditation focus is ‘Devotion’, and may be contemplated while listening to Tom Barabas’ ‘Moon Dust’. Our poem focus comes from Mary Oliver’s book, ‘Thirst’, and is entitled ‘The Chat’.

5/27-Yin w/Deb

5/29-Gentle w/Sophie

5/31-Meditation w/Deb

“Your body exists in the past, your mind in the future.  In yoga, they come together in the present”.—B.K.S. Iyengar

Virtual Week #10 (5/18/20)-Classic Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Greetings from YFL!!! This is week #10 of our Virtual Classes from the studio to your home!!! We are quite anxious to return to live classes with ALL the proper guidelines, and safety precautions in place. Please find the YFL Re-opening Guidelines below. They will soon be posted on the website in PDF format, so they will always be close at hand, and accessible through your devices. The ‘Gym’ category of businesses, under which Yoga Studios, fall, have still NOT been given a re-opening date, but my best instinct, is that we will hopefully be able to open by June 1st. Please send out positive energy to the Universe and Source that this comes to fruition. I understand that once we do open that some of you might not be able to attend live classes for awhile. I do plan to continue the virtual classes for those that can’t attend at YFL, but will begin charging a monthly fee for using that format. Stay tuned for cost, and platforms.

This week’s class will feature ‘Classic Hatha Vinyasa Flow’. Our Sanskrit focus is ‘Purusa’, or ‘Creative Power & Energy’.  A very important focus, as we have to recreate many facets of our lives during this new way of living with Covid19.  Our mudra (hand gesture) is the ‘Saraswati’, or gesture of ‘Inspiration’, and creativity. This mudra activates and synchronizes both sides of the brain. Our meditation focus is ‘Creativity’, and may be contemplated, while listening to James Hood’s, ‘Imaginary Friend’.

Have a great week, and we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“If everything around you seems dark, look again, you may be the light”.—Rumi

Virtual Week #9-Yin for the Back @ The Wall +

Greetings from YFL!!! We begin week #9 of our ‘virtual classes’. This week’s will feature Yin @ The Wall + for the Back!!! So, pull up your mat to the wall, and be ready to relax, and strengthen your back. Our Sankskrit focus is ‘Sat Nam’, which is, Truth is my Essence, Truth is my Nature, Truth is my Truth, and Truth is Truth. Our mudra (hand gesture) is Bhramara, or the Bee Mudra. We fold the the thumb to the middle finger, and the remaining fingers are in extension. This mudra promotes connection, and belonging. It also helps promote a strong immune system, and defense against allergies. Our meditation focus is ‘Being Connected’, and our music for contemplation is David Lanz’s ‘Blue Largo’.

Wednesday-Yin w/Deb

Friday-Gentle w/Sophie

Sunday-Meditation w/Deb

Later this week I will be posting the YFL Re-OPEN Document. It will outline requirements by the CDC, Federal, State, County, and City governments for resuming business in Phase 3. It will include a list of things that I must provide as a business for safe re-entry, and a list of things that you must do as clients. So, stay tuned for this document to come via this blog. It will also be posted in the window of the studio.

For those of you that might not feel comfortable about returning to the studio initially, I will continue providing the ‘virtual classes’, but for a fee. That information will be forthcoming as well.

Let’s enjoy staying connected, although separated through our physical and spiritual practices.

We can’t wait to see you on the mat very soon!!! Until we do, be well, be kind, and stay safe!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“When we give, we live, but when we withhold we perish”.-Rumi

Week #8-Virtual Classes-Sukha/Stirrha w/Deb & Gentle w/Sophie

Greetings from YFL!!! It is hard to believe, but all so true, as we begin our 8th week of virtual classes from the studio!!! This week’s Wednesday class with Deb will feature another Sukha/Stirrha practice, and Sophie’s class on Friday will feature a Gentle format!!! As usual, I will provide a new meditation practice on Sunday.

Our Sanskrit focus for the week is ‘Aroot Perum Jothi’, which evokes connection to the ‘light and grace’ of Divinity. Our mudra (hand gesture) features the ‘Stomach’ hand position. It fortifies the stomach, and calms the nerves. Simply interlock the curve of the hands at the juncture of the thumb and index fingers, right hand on top, and remaining fingers on both hands open to expansion, similar to the opening of wings. Our meditation focus is to ‘Imagine’, and our supporting music for contemplation is ‘Kiran Murti’s’, ‘Divine Imagination’.

The monthly YFL newsletter was released on 5/1/20, and if you are not on our Contact List, just email me at

I feel that we will be able to resume classes at YFL very soon!!! We will provide all required safety precautions, and the studio will be cleaned daily, rather than weekly. You will be required to use your own mat and props, so begin preparing for that change. I will provide a list of what I will be required to do as a business owner, and what you will required to do as clients of the studio. So, please stay tuned for additional information about REOPENING YFL, as it becomes available!!! WE SIMPLY CANT’ WAIT FOR THAT DAY!!! As I always say, I can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

‘Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible’.—Mandy Hale