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Let’s ‘Weight’!!! (2/1-2/6/21)

Greetings from YFL, and Happy February!!! It is hard to believe that we have already completed the first month of the New Year!!! This week’s practice is Let’s ‘Weight’, and will emphasize ‘weight use’ for the purpose of strengthening, toning, and sculpting. You may choose to use 1 or 2 lb. weights, or opt for NO weights at all. The weekly Sanskrit focus is ‘Maitri’, or the energy of friendship. The mudra (hand gesture) is ‘Mukula’, or the ‘Beak’, and serves to focus healing, regenerating, and renewing energy to various areas of the body, as we place the beak position on that location. Our meditation focus is ‘Friendship’, and may be contemplated while listening to ‘Classical Piano for Meditation’s White Dove’.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, then consider a YFL gift certificate for virtual or live classes. CONTACT DEB @!!!

This week’s Yin practice will serve to ‘Lower Cortisol’, and ‘Slow Aging’. Who doesn’t need that?!!!


Weight Class-Weights, Block

Yin Class-Bolster, Blanket, Block


MON-YFL February 2021 Newsletter @ 10 a.m. on your Email Desk!!!

WED-Virtual Yoga w/Deb-Let’s ‘Weight’

SUN-Virtual Meditation w/Deb-Yoga Nidra Step 10

It will be another great month, and week at YFL!!! As always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

Classic Hatha Week (1/25-1/30/21)

Greetings from YFL!!! The first month of 2021 is almost complete!!! This week we focus on Vinayasa (Flow) + Power with ‘Classic Hatha’. Our Sanskrit focus is AUM, or the primordial, vibrational energy, which was created at the beginning of the Universe. This energy, and the chanting of this energy is connectional, and uniting. Our mudra (hand gesture) is DHANYA, or the meditation mudra. This week’s Yin classes will focus on promoting ‘Good Digestion’. Sunday’s Virtual meditation class will include the 9th step of ‘Yoga Nidra’. Our weekly meditation focus is ‘Stop, Breathe, and Listen’. The supporting music is ‘Moon Dust’ by Tom Barabas.


Classic Hatha-Small blanket, strap, block

Yin-Bolster, block, blanket

Meditation-mat, blanket, Zafu (cushion)


WED: Virtual class w/Deb (Classic Hatha)

SUN: Virtual Meditation w/Deb

It will be another great week at YFL!!! We can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“If uncertainty is unacceptable to you, it turns into fear. If its perfectly acceptable, it turns into increased aliveness, alertness, and creativity”.—Eckhart Tolle

Meet me at the Wall!!! (1/18-23/21)

Greetings from YFL!!! Fall in love with taking care of your Mind, Body, and Spirit!!! Give yourself the gift of yoga, and meditation this week, and every week!!! Remember that we offer virtual classes every Wednesday, and Sunday during these difficult times. Email Deb @ for more information!!!

This week’s class is about using the ‘Wall’ as a prop of resistance, alignment, focus, and power. Our Sanskrit focus is ‘Sukha’, or the energy of joy, happiness, bliss, and peace. Who doesn’t need more of that energy in their life?!!! Our hand gesture (mudra) is the ‘Ushas’, or connecting to all things good. Interlace your fingers, and place the left thumb on top of the right, with palms facing up. Our meditation focus is ‘Joy’, and may be contemplated as you listen to James Hood’s ‘Imginary Friend’.

This week’s Yin practice will emphasize ‘Happy Hips’, or opening the hip joint.

As we enter this week, let’s love, serve, and remember. Remember, that as a member of humanity, we ALL belong to one another. It will be another great week at YFL, and as always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb



YIN PRACTICE-Block, Bolster, Mat

WED-Virtual Yoga w/Deb (Sukha & Stirrha)-Block, Belt, Mat, Bolster (or Blanket)

SUN-Meditaton w/Deb (Yoga Nidra-Step 8)-Bolster, Blanket, Mat

“Life is a school, where you learn how to remember what your soul already knows”.—Unknown

Let’s Restore-Rest, Restore, and Relax (1/11/21)

Greetings from YFL. ¬†Sending the energy of love, encouragement, and support to anyone, and everyone, that has ever attended classes, training, or workshops at our studio. Sending out the encouragement of ‘Metta’, the healing light and energy of Spirit, and the energy of ‘unconditional love’ to ALL. Trying to sit, listen, understand, and connect through common ground. We all have hearts ‘beating at the same time’, and created by the same Spirit. Let us find ways to connect rather than disconnect. Sending lots of love and hugs to all of you, your family, and your friends.

This week’s class is all about ‘Restoration’, or ‘Triple R’ week. Lets’ restore, renew, and relax, as we simultaneously nourish, and heal our bodies with deep yoga poses, and breath work. Our Sanskrit focus is ‘Metta’, or the healing light and love of Spirit. Our mudra (hand gesture) is the grounding position for stability, and connection. Our meditation focus is ‘Moksha’, or freedom, and emotional liberation. The music selection is Michael Hoppe’s Wind Songs, ‘Silence of the Stars’. This week’s Yin classes will focus on the range of motion of our spine, or ‘Spinal Bliss’.


RESTORATIVE: Bolster, Blanket, Block

YIN: Bolster, Blanket

WED: Virtual Yoga w/Deb-Restorative Week

SUN: Meditation w/Deb-Yoga Nidra-Step 7.

It will be another great week at YFL, and as always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”—Saint Francis

Happy New Year!!! It is ‘Weight Time’!!!

Greetings from YFL, and Happy New Year!!! Let us be grateful for a new day, new week, new month, and NEW YEAR!!! 2021 here we come!!! This week, as we return to the mat, from our holiday break, will emphasize the use of hand weights, and body weight for building strength, stamina, and power!!! Our Sanskrit focus is one of gratitude, thankfulness, and gratefulness, or ‘Dhanya Vad’. Our mudra (hand gesture) is the ‘Openness’ position, which enhances opening the bronchial tubes, and promoting deep, efficient breathing!!! It opens the window of your soul. It opens us for what is beautiful and good, and to accept both with thankfulness. Our meditation focus is ‘Dhanya Vad’ (gratitude). The music selection for contemplation is Tom Barabas’ ‘Clouds’ from his ‘Nuage’ CD.

This week’s Yin practice will balance all 7 major chakras. The practice will incorporate seed sound vibrations with the Tibetan bowls, chanting the seed sound, color focus, and physical body alignment with asanas.

It will be a great start to the New Year, and we hope that soon things will begin to return to normal with the distribution of the Covid vaccine. We are looking forward to group gatherings, and events, when the time is right!!!


Weight Classes: Hand Weights ( 1 or 2 lbs.), Block, Strap

Yin: Bolster, Block 

Wed: Virtual Yoga Classes Return w/ ‘Weight Week’

Sun: Meditation w/Deb-Yoga Nidra Step 5!!!

It will be another great week, and another great year at YFL!!! As always, we cant’ wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret to success”.—Swami Sivananda