Can’t “Resist” the Wall!!!


Greetings from YFL!!!

It is time to practice at the WALL, and meet with its substantial resistance. This will increase your stamina, power, and strength. Our mudra is the oldy but goody, USHAS, connecting to “All things good”!!! Our Sanskrit focus is “Sarvata Namah”, or connecting to the Universal Truth of “Wholeness”. The meditation focus is “Unity”, and will be set to the music of Michael Hoppe, “Wind Songs”.

Our second Artistry of Yoga 5-day intensive begins this Friday, 1/22. We welcome back our trainees!!! There will be minimal disruption to our regular schedule of classes, however, a few classes will NOT meet, please make NOTE: 1/25-Sophie’s 6 p.m. class, NO CLASSES ON 1/26. Otherwise, on 1/22-1/25, all classes WILL MEET.

Have a fabulous week, and as always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb