‘Weight Time’ (10/5-10/10)

Greeting from YFL!!! It is time for the ‘Weights’!!! ‘Weight Time’ is our physical theme for this week’s practice. We will bear our own body weight, and add the hand weights, as an option!!! ‘The right way is the hard way’!!! Our Sanskrit focus will be simple, but of utmost importance, ‘Shanti’, or PEACE. The hand gesture (mudra) focus for this week is ‘Equanimity’, or ‘Smile’!!! Our meditation focus is in line with our Sanskrit focus…PEACE!!! The music selection for meditation is James Hood’s ‘Imaginary Friend’.

This week’s Yin practice will focus on opening the hips, so it is ‘Happy Hips’ week. You will need a bolster for this practice, and a block.

PROPS: One block, Hand Weights


*WED: ‘Weight Time’

*SUN: ‘The Sacred Power of Witnessing the Present Moment’-6 steps

The week of 10/12-10/17 we will be celebrating YFL’s 14th anniversary. For each class that you attend virtually, or in studio, you will be eligible to put one FREE raffle ticket in 1 of 6 drawing pots for Deb’s original oil paintings. They will be fully framed, and ready to hang. The drawing will take place on Saturday, 10/17 @ 11 a.m. The six winners will be announced on the YFL FaceBook, Instagram, and on the 10/18 Sunday blog. Deb will post a photo of each painting on this blog next Sunday, 10/11, and assign a # to each one. You can then choose, which one you want to try to win, at each class attended from 10/12-10/17!!! Good luck!!!

It will be another great week at YFL, and as always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

‘In the bad times, choose to grow stronger. In the good times, choose to enjoy fully. In all times, choose to be grateful’.—Unknown