Classic Hatha Week=Power + Flow (2/22-2/27/21)

Greetings from YFL!!! It is ‘Classic Hatha’ week, which will emphasize the balancing of power, and flow!!! Our Sanskrit focus is ‘Karuna’, or compassion for ALL. Our mudra (hand gesture) is the ‘Grounding Mudra’, one hand to the heart, and the other grounding into ‘Mother Earth’. This week’s Yin practice will emphasize the range of motion of the spine, or ‘Spinal Bliss’. Our meditation focus is ‘Compassion’, and the music for your contemplative time is Piano Meditation’s, ‘White Dove’.


Classic Hatha: block, strap

Yin: bolster, block, blanket

WED: Virtual Yoga w/ Deb (Classic Hatha)

SUN: Virtual Meditation w/Deb (Yoga Nidra)

It will be another great week at YFL, and as always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“May your day be blessed, your morning bright, your evenings filled with far and sprite. May you dine on joy, feast on hope, bathe in the graceful Light of love”.—Ramblings of the Claury