Greetings from YFL. This week we will be focusing on a practice that will help our sense of being grounded, and connected.

The chakra salutation is the 3rd or solar plexus, Manipura, which hones in on self-confidence, and goal setting.

This week’s mudra is for detoxification, and consists of placing the thumb tip at the inner edge of the 3rd joint of the ring finger on each hand.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, and look forward to seeing you on the mat this week.—Namaste’, Deb

“Peace is the first condition, without which nothing else can be stable.”—Sri Aurobindo

One thought on “DOWN TO EARTH

  1. Samantha Keith

    Love the mudra for the week, and always a pleasure to get to the studio. Your studio always had a way of relaxing me at my some of the most stressful times during the past five years. There is a sense of calm you have created and hope to get to the studio more often this summer!! Looking forward to more blog posts and I always enjoy your inspirational posts on Facebook, I look forward to them and share almost all of them. Namaste

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