‘Reach Out Your Heart’-YFL update-3/15/20 @ 5:30 p.m.


Greetings from YFL. I just received a statement of advice from Yoga Alliance, which recommends that yoga studios suspend live classes & instruction during this suggested time of ‘Social Distancing’. Governor Newsom also recommended that anyone 65+ withdraw from social engagements. Thus, out of extreme prudence, and erring on the side of safety, I have decided to close Yoga For Life this week. I will reassess the situation every Sunday, and post studio updates. I will also try to offer a weekly, virtual class, every Wednesday. This class will be posted on my YFL Facebook page. This is a decision that I did not want to make, but feel that I must to prevent the spread of the virus, and to protect everyone’s health. Please read the poem above. I am going to continue to Reach Out to You with My Heart!!! Stay well, be safe, and remain positive. Above all be kind to one another. I look forward to seeing all ¬†of you again very soon, my beloved students.-Blessings, Love, and Namaste’, Deb

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