Sukha-Stirrha (Yin-Yang) Week


Greetings from YFL!!!

As most of you know, the studio had to close suddenly on 7/9/20, due to possible exposure to Covid-19. Closure was a ‘practice of precaution’, and a following of suggested guidelines issued by various government agencies. Going forth, I would like to explain our posture, if future incidents of ‘possible’ exposure should occur. First an update on this initial occurrence.

  1. Based upon conversations with several local physicians the following information was gathered: a) We had the test of 7 days time upon notification of exposure, which was 7/9, one week after said exposure. b) In this case, risk of transmission is LOW, due to separation of positive case-husband-wife-students at YFL c) Husband & positive case were wearing masks & practicing social distancing c) Husband has exhibited no signs of the virus, post 7 days to exposure d) YFL practices ALL safety precautions for being open. e) We are waiting for test results, or 14 day quarantine, whichever comes first.
  2. With the information listed above, it will be deemed safe to reopen after 7/16. So, I am happy to announce that classes will resume on Saturday, 7/18. I will deep clean the studio, once again, on Friday, 7/17.
  3. Moving forward, if this happens again, all pertinent info will be released to ALL YFL students, but the studio WILL NOT CLOSE. It will be your responsibility, and discretion on whether to attend classes. I cannot operate a business with an On/Off switch.
  4. We will continue to follow ALL safety and guideline protocols, and keep the facility spotless!!! We ask that you be prudent in your choices, and help keep everyone safe.
  5. Life is not 100% safe, and never will be under any circumstances. I am doing everything in my power to ensure your safety and comfort at YFL. Ultimately it is your choice on participating in the classes offered.
  6. To continue as a business I must keep my doors open, and classes running.
  7. If you have concerns, comments, or suggestions, please contact me at
  8. We are MOST GRATEFUL for your understanding, and continued support through these most difficult of times.

Now to this week’s practice-the blending of Yin/Yang, or Sukha-Stirrha!!!  A practice of vigor to begin with, and ending in deeply stretching and contemplating. Our Sanskrit focus is Hreem, Shreem, Klim, or evoking & receiving the energy of Wisdom, Love, and Generosity. Our hand gesture, or mudra, is the ‘Grounding Gesture’, to ground and connect. Our music is ‘Claire de Lune’, by Music for Meditation, and our meditation focus is ‘Patience’. We wish you a safe and healthy week, and as always, cant’ wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

Wed-Sukha-Stirrha Virtual Class on YouTube

Sun-4-2-6 Breath Meditation w/Deb

Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it. Even though you want to run. Even when it’s heavy and difficult. Even though you’re not quite sure of the way through. Healing happens by feeling.-Dr. Rebecca Ray

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