Yin-Balancing the Chakras (4/13/20)

Greetings from YFL!!! This marks the beginning of week 5 of our ‘stay at home’ orders, which means we are one week closer to resuming more freedom in our lives!!! The light will come!!! Stay strong, and filled with hope, and above all stay well!!! We dearly miss seeing all of you in person, and can’t wait until we are once again, practicing together in the flesh!!!

In the meantime, we will continue offering our virtual classes via YouTube and Facebook. For my YouTube channel, please go to the Class Schedule icon on the menu bar of the home page of my website, click, and at the top of the page you will see the YouTube link in blue. You may also access my classes on Facebook. I will present Sophie’s YouTube link each Thursday evening, here, on my blog.

This week’s class will feature a Yin practice for balancing the chakras. We will practice the seven asanas, sound the Tibetan bowls, and chant the seed sounds. Our Sanskrit focus will be Samprati Hum, or ‘my true self is fully awake’. Our mudra is for maintaining clear lungs, and promoting a sense of cheerfulness. Fold the two middle fingers into one another, press the inner edges of the thumbs together, and extend the remaining fingers upward.

My meditation practice will be available on Sunday, and will feature the same mudra, and Sanskrit focus, and a poem by Mary Oliver, entitled, ‘When I am among the Tress’, from her book ‘Thirst’.

Have a wonderful week, and until we meet again, be well, be kind, and stay safe!!!—Namaste’, Deb

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