Week #7-Virtual Yoga-Yin for reducing Stress Hormones

Greetings from YFL!!! It is hard to believe that this will be our 7th week of ‘stay at home & stay safe’ orders!!! This week’s virtual class with Deb will feature a NEW Yin sequence for reducing your levels of stress hormones, and in particular, cortisol. You will need a bolster for the practice, and a free wall. Remember that you can always substitute a pillow for the bolster, or rolled up blankets. Our Sanskrit focus is AUM Shava Vana Ya, which evokes the energy of ‘Source’, and resting our hope in that connectional source of light. Our mudra is the ‘Patience’ hand gesture, and promotes a healthy liver, regulates body temperature, and brings us patience. Wrap the first four fingers of the right hand around ring finger of the left hand, and press the right thumb into the left palm. Our meditation focus will be ‘patience’. The music for contemplation is Tom Barabas’s ‘Moondust’.

My new virtual class will be available on Wednesday (4/29). Sophie’s Gentle class will be available on Friday (5/1). My meditation class will be available on Sunday (5/3). The link for my classes is on the website Class Schedule Page, www.yogaforlife06.com. I will post Sophie’s YouTube link on this blog page every Friday, and it will also be posted on the YFL FaceBook page.

We maintain hope that we will all be back together at YFL with all of the appropriate safeguards in place (masks, UV cleaning lamp, and 6′ separating our mats, etc.) ASAP. Of course, none of us know what that date will be, but YFL will be prepared and ready. In the meantime, please continue to stay connected, and healthy through the use of our virtual classes.

The May YFL newsletter will be released via email on 5/1!!!

Until next time, be well, be kind, and stay safe!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“Do things you enjoy so much, you lose track of timeā€¦that’s your bliss”. @olivos

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