4-5-2020 ‘Sukha-Stirrha’ Week-Blending Yin & Yang Energies

Greetings from YFL!!! We are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for safety and well being!!! Stay strong, and focus on the ‘Light of Hope’ this Holy week.

This week’s class will focus on ‘Sukha-Stirrha’, or the blending of the Yin & Yang energies. Grab a mat, block, and pillow. Deb will upload this video on YouTube and Facebook on Wednesday, 4/8/20. In the meantime, continue to enjoy all the previous uploads that have been shared on those platforms. Our mudra focus is APAN, or the ‘release’ hand gesture. This helps release accumulating toxins in the body, clear the lungs, and prepare us for a ‘lighter’ future. Our Sanskrit focus is ‘Karuna Hum’, or ‘I am compassion’. Focus on compassion for yourself, others, and the world.

Remember, there are 3 new classes available to you each week from YFL!!!

Wed-Sukha-Stirrha w/Deb ( YouTube & Facebook)

Fri-Gentle Yoga w/Sophie (YouTube)-I will share the link Friday morning on this blog!!!

Sun-Meditation w/Deb

Until we can meet again, be well, be kind, and stay safe!!!—Namaste’ & Love, Deb

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