How about a Classic?


Greetings Yogis and Yoginis!!!

Welcome to Nick, our newest YFL instructor!!! He will be offering “Yoga for Teen Athletes” on Mon and Wed mornings from 6:45-7:45!!! This is the perfect yoga class for high school and college athletes, which will serve as a cross training for flexibility, strength, toning, sculpting, and relaxation. The student cost is $5 per class, or $45 for ten classes!!!

This week is Classic Hatha week for Deb’s classes!!! We will enjoy Vinyasa Power Flow!!! Our Sanskrit focus is “Prasada”, which is to sit in a state of “grace”, a gift from Source. Our hand gesture or mudra is the “Heavenly Mudra”, which promotes connection to Source and a sense of “Enlightenment”. The meditation focus is “Shanti”, or “Peace”, and is set to the music of David Lanz’s “Blue Largo”.

We had a wonderful fundraiser event for Hurricane and Earthquake relief in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico. We shared wonderful yoga, meditation, tea, cookies, cake, and chocolate!!! I am thrilled to announce that we raised a total of $1775: $275 to Salvation Army, $1050 to UMCOR, $100 to the Humane Society, $205 to Red Cross, and $150 to Habitat for Humanity. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your support, donations, and participation!!!

It will be another great week at YFL!!! As always,  we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

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