Meditation & ‘A Classic Practice’

Greetings from YFL!!! ¬†Our hearts are remaining connected to yours through this absence of seeing one another in person. My wish is that you, your family, and friends stay well and healthy through this trying time for all of us. I have posted a short mediation video for you on my Yoga For Life Facebook page. I tried to upload to this blog, but the file was too large. So, please access all of my videos from the Facebook source. I will still post Sophie’s classes at both Facebook, and this blog on Friday mornings.

This week’s meditation focuses on ‘So Hum’, which means ‘I am’, and you attach whatever emotional energies that attach. If they are positive breathe them in, and if negative breathe them out. Our mudra is for ‘Cheerfulness’, and clearing the lungs. Fold and press the two middle fingers together at the middle section, while extending the remainder fingers and thumb. Our music for meditation is ‘Divine Imagination’ by Kiran Murti.

The physical practice will focus on a short, balanced, ‘Classic Hatha’ flow. It will be posted for you, again, on my Facebook Timeline this Wednesday., then click the Facebook Timeline, and it should be pinned to the top on Wednesday. Today, please join me on Facebook for meditation.

We can’t wait to see you back on the mat very soon!!! Until then, be well, be kind, and stay positive. Love & Namaste’, Deb

P.S. -Drink mostly warm & hot beverages as often as possible. Gargle often with hot salt/lemon water. When you go out DO NOT touch metal surfaces, and if you do, wash your hands immediately. Wash your clothes, towels, etc. daily, and if possible, shower upon returning home from being in public. BE WELL!!!

One thought on “Meditation & ‘A Classic Practice’

  1. Linda K Sykes

    Dhanya vad, Deb! Your offering and this beautiful music flooded me with gratitude for all that is good!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



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