Monthly Archives: March 2016

“A little bit of this, and a little bit of that”—A Blended Practice


Greetings Yogis and Yoginis!!!

We have an extra week in March, so this week will be a blended practice!!! It will include Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Weight Bearing, and Power. Our Sanskrit focus is Mudhita, or finding JOY, in all that we do. Our mudra is the RUDRA, a hand gesture that evokes joy and strength from our Solar Plexus chakra. Our meditation focus is JOY, and is set to the music of James Hood’s CD, Pure Ceremony.

There is still time to register for the Yoga-Hike to Santa Rosa Plateau. It is this Friday, April 1st, no fooling, from 11:30-1:30 p.m. Sign-up at the studio, or email Deb. The Plateau parking fee is $4, bring water, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a towel, and comfortable walking shoes, and a great sack lunch.

The YFL April newsletter will be on your desk this Friday @ 10:00 a.m., and our next AOY 15-hour unit will be next weekend, 4/8-4/10, and it is open to the community. The cost is $195, and we will study the Anatomy and Physiology of Asana Practice. You may register through this Friday. Call, email, or drop-in for detailed information.

As always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!! Have a great week, filled with JOY!!!—Namaste’, Deb

Spring into Spring Practice!!!


Greetings and Happy Spring!!!

Welcome to Spring, as we “Spring into Spring” with our annual “Spring Equinox” practice. We will do repetitive Sun Salutations, as we salute the increase of daylight each day into Summer. Our practice will be in the community of circle or the Mandala of Truth. The practice will enhance the energy of focus and calmness. It will incorporate movement, flow, and high energy.

Our Sanskrit focus is “Hreem”, or the seed mantra for the “Unity of Life” via its diversity, or to open one’s individuality into its true universality. Our mudra focus is the “Hakini” for memory improvement, and deep respiration. Our meditation focus is “Unity”, and is set to Michael Hoppe’s “Stargazer”.

Our annual Spring Yoga-Hike is scheduled for April 1st (no fooling!!!) at the gorgeous Santa Rosa Plateau. The hike will be led by Carol, and Deb will lead the yoga and meditation practice. See the website Special Events sections for all the details.

Deb’s next Meditation I class will begin on Tuesday, April 19th, from 7:30-8:30 p.m. Registration is ┬áin progress. Email, call, or drop-in to register. We are open during Spring Break, and over the Easter weekend, offering our regular class schedule.

Have a wonderful first week of Spring, and as always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

Welcome to the Wall!!!


Greetings and Happy Monday!!!

Spring is in the air, and just around the corner!!! We survived the time change, I think, and are ready for another week at “The Wall”!!! That will be our focus this week, as we, once again utilize the wall as a prop for resistance!!! Our Sanskrit focus is “Sastra”, “Teachings”, either written or oral, received or given. Our Mudra focus is “Ushas”, or “connecting to all things good”. Our meditation focus will be “Contentment”, and will be set to the beautiful music of David Lanz’s “Blue Largo”.

It is official, our Annual Spring Yoga-Hike is April 1st!!! We will gather at the Visitor’s Center around 11:30 a.m., and depart from there to hike down to the Oak Grove for yoga and meditation led by Deb. Carol, who has served as a docent at the Plateau for many, many years, will lead the hike. As we hike the trail, she will share wonderful info about the geology, flora, fauna, and history of the Plateau. Please sign-up at the studio. Your only cost is the Plateau fee of $4. Otherwise, your cost is nothing, but your time, and gas $$$. Bring the following: WATER, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, protective clothing, comfortable shoes, and a sack lunch. Following the hike, yoga, and meditation we will gather at the picnic area, and chat over our sack lunches!!! The Plateau should be beautiful with a plethora of spring flowers blooming from our recent rains!!! We look forward to sharing this event with many of you!!!

The Physiology and Anatomy of Yoga is coming soon!!! This 15-hour unit, which is part of our AOY Teacher Training program at YFL, is open to the community. The cost is $195, and pre-registration is required on or before 4/1. Deb will lead this unit, and we will review the basic directional terminology of the human body, basic bones, and muscles. We will review the body system physiology as it applies to yoga, play with a skeleton, muscle charts, and watch an intro DVD by David Kiel on basic yoga anatomy. Then we will apply this information to asana movement, as we analyze a basic standing pose, forward bend, backbend, twist, balance, and inversion from the bones-muscles-outward!!! We will turn a dry, boring topic into something fun and dynamic. This unit will meet 4/8-4/10/16.

The Spring Schedule will begin at YFL on, Monday 3/21. There will be no changes in our teaching schedule. Deb will be leading an “Annual Spring Equinox” asana practice that week.

As always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

Let’s Rest!!!


Greetings from YFL!!!

You deserve to rest while practicing on the mat this week!!! We completed a very rigorous week with weights, so now, let’s restore, relax, renew, and rest into our asana practice!!! Our hand gesture or mudra focus this week, is Dhayana, or connecting to Universal Energy, and our Sanskrit focus is “ADBHUTA”, one of the eight essences of Rasa, which is to live with “Wonder”. So, let that serve as your meditation point, “The Wonder of Life”, which is set to Anne Sweeten’s “Moment in Time”.

Deb will begin a new four week Intro to Yoga tomorrow evening at 7:30 p.m. The class is almost full, but there is still time to register. Contact YFL via email, phone, or drop-in to register. The Physiology and Anatomy 15-hour unit is fast approaching, and will be offered 4/8-4/10. The tuition is $195. Registration deadline is 4/1. Our Yoga-Hike will be happening very soon. We still have not finalized the date, but hopefully, will be able to report that next week. The Spring Schedule will begin on Monday, March 21st, which will also include Deb’s annual “Spring Equinox” practice!!!

Have a wonderful week, and as always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb