Bonus Week: Restorative: Rest, Restore, and Renew

Greetings from YFL!!! We wish you, your family, and friends the Happiest New Year!!! 2020 will be a fantastic new decade at YFL, and we look forward to sharing our normal class scheduling, as well as many helpful and interesting ‘Special Events’. We have quite a few workshops coming up in January, February, and March, so check them out in the January YFL Newsletter, which will be released on January 1st to your email desk at 10 a.m.!!!

This week at YFL will be the last holiday schedule, and Deb’s reduced schedule!!! Check it out below!!!

This is Bonus Week, so our physical practice will be an additional time for a Restorative Flow: Rest, Restore, and Renew!!! Our Sanskrit focus is ‘Karuna Hum’, or ‘I am compassion’. The hand gesture for our practice, or mudra is the ‘Equanimity’ gesture. This promotes balance, and releases tension. It also promotes a healthy thyroid gland. Our meditation focus is ‘Compassion’, and may be contemplated, while listening to ‘Music for Meditation’.

This week’s Yin practice will focus on promoting ‘Good Digestion’!!!

As always, we cant’ wait to see you on the mat!!!

SCHEDULE FOR 12/30/19-1/4/20:

Mon-8:15 a.m. & 9:30 a.m.-w/Deb

Tues, Wed, Thurs-CLOSED

Fri-8:15 & 9:30 a.m.-w/Deb

Sat-9:00 a.m.-w/Deb

We resume our regular teaching schedule on Monday, January 13th!!!

‘Bless this year with love and light. Bless this year with faith and sight. Bless this year with grace and ease. Bless this year with joy and peace.’-Mary Davis


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