Let’s “Weigh In”!!!

Greetings from YFL, and happy April!!! Another month is complete, and we begin our second month of the Spring season!!! As we do traditionally, we kick off the new month with our weight practice, so Let’s “Weigh In” together on our mats!!! We will be sculpting, toning, and strengthening via our traditional weight bearing asanas, and add in hand weights (optional) for part of the practice. Our Sanskrit focus comes from the 21- day meditation challenge with Oprah and Deepak, “Har Haray Haree”, which activates our light of vitality, energy, and healing. The hand gesture or mudra focus for the week is “The Let it Flow”, or “Relaxation Mudra”, which promotes tension and stress release!!! The meditation focus will be “Let it Flow”, and the supporting music is Ann Sweeten’s, “A Place in the Sun”.

It is a very busy month at YFL. You should have received the monthly newsletter via email yesterday, but if not, please email a request to be placed on our Contact List, yogaforlife06@verizon.net. The newsletter and our website (www.yogaforlife06.com)  list all the current and upcoming Special Events for the month and season. Please consult those sources for all the details about upcoming workshops, etc. 4/7-Yoga For Grief, 4/9-4/30 Ayurvedic Yoga, 4/27-Yoga Hike!!!

It will be a great month and week at Yoga For Life!!! As always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

“Energy, a cosmic life force that connects us all”.-Buddha