LIVE CLASSES ARE BACK!!! (Yin, Gentle, Wall or Sukha/Stirrha)

Greetings from YFL!!! It was so good to return to LIVE classes last Friday!!! This will be our first full week back!!! Please remember that classes are limited to 8 or less students/class, and you must PRE-REGISTER @, or you may text Deb @ her cell phone#. Please email for the #. Also, a reminder to read the Covid-19 Guidelines on the website before attending your first class, and adhere to all the protocols. Deb will also continue offering virtual classes, one new yoga class and one new meditation class per week. The monthly cost is $75, and if you want to continue the virtual classes as well as attending live classes the monthly cost is an extra $25. The virtual classes will be available only on Deb’s YouTube Channel. Once you submit your payment, then Deb will give you the link for accessing classes. When you enter class there is a blue payment box for placement of cash or checks. If paying with cash, please leave it in an envelope with your name and date. We also accept Debit/Credit via Square, and PayPal.

This week’s class will feature Yoga @ The Wall, for class sizes of 6 or less, or Sukha/ Stirrha, if the class size is 7 or 8 students. Our Sanskrit focus is ‘Shanti’, peace. The hand gesture (mudra) is the classic Jnana mudra for connecting to Universal wisdom and knowledge. Our meditation focus is ‘Peace’, and may be focused upon while listening to David Lanz’s, ‘Cristiforis Dream’.

Remember to bring your mat, water, towel, and props to class!!! As always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb

Mon-Sat (normal live class schedule)

Wed-Deb’s Virtual Class (Sukha/Stirrha)

Sun-Deb’s Virtual Mediation

This Week’s Props: Mat, Block, Strap

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