The Three R’s: Rest, Renew, and Restore


Greetings Yogis and Yoginis!!!

Yes, you made it to “Restorative Week”!!! Last week was filled with vim and vigor with our new “weight class”!!! However, this week is about slowing down, and stretching profoundly with relaxation. We will focus on our pranayama as an assist to this style of practice.

Our Sanskrit focus is “Dhanya Vad”, or the practice of saying “Thank You”, and expressing gratitude, joy, and happiness for each day we are given breath and life. Our mudra focus is KSEPANA, or the gesture of pouring out and letting go, and accepting all things that refresh you.

Our meditation focus is “Moving Forward”, and set to the music of Tom Barabas’ “Sedona Suite”.

Special Announcements:1) YFL is CLOSED 2/12-2/15 in observance of Presidents’ Day Weekend. Our normal class schedule will resume on Tuesday, 2/16. 2) Our first of 6 “Artistry of Yoga” Refine workshops will be held on 2/26-2/28. The topic is an in-depth look at “The History and Philosophy of Yoga”. This 15-hour workshop will be led by Sophie, and will cover the three major branches of Yogic Philosophy, The Yoga Sutras and Upanishads texts, among others. Each lecture period will be either preceded or followed by Restorative Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama. This valuable workshop is open to the public, our AOY trainees, and any registered Yoga Instructors seeking CEUs. Pre-registration and payment are due no later than 2/12.

Have a great week, and as always, we can’t wait to see you on the mat!!!—Namaste’, Deb